Why choose permanent mold casting, rather than sand or die casting? Advantages include:


Permanent castings allow for tighter tolerances than sand casting


Permanent castings provide a better initial finish than sand casting

Casting integrity

Permanent molds produce castings with little to no porosity


With the use of our engineering we can adapt any sand casting to permanent process. Permanent mold can cast bigger parts at lower volume and tooling cost than diecast.

Reduced costs

For parts weighing between 20 and 250 lbs and more as well as production totals in the range of 500 to 20 000 units and more, permanent and semi-permanent molds are the most affordable choice


Permanent castings benefit from heat treatment, producing better mechanical properties than what is generally possible with die casting

Hollow and complex sections

We cast integral inserts, sleeves and elements, etc. Sand cores can be used to make hollow sections, which is not possible in diecast.