Aluminum Casting Solutions

Strength and Precision

We specialize in heavyweight, mid to large volume aluminum casting, using permanent and semi-permanent molds that are designed and manufactured in-house. High-quality. Cost-effective. The one-stop-shop experience you need.

Experienced Specialists

For 35 years, we have designed and manufactured our own molds, producing high-quality and affordable aluminum castings.

We are a one-stop-shop

From design and modelling, to casting, finishing, testing and assembly, we have got you covered.

We are trusted

Our team of skilled experts is available to help you develop your next aluminum product.

About CIF Metal

You can count on our 35 years of experience in aluminum casting and mold manufacturing.

We design and manufacture our own molds, producing high-quality and cost-effective aluminum castings. As a leading manufacturer in North America, CIF Metal products are used in applications such as robotics, power transmission, HVAC systems, medical instruments, electrical installations and more.


Our specialized equipment is ideal for :

  • Aluminum castings
  • Weights of 1 to 250 lbs and more
  • Production rates of 500 to 250 000 units and more

In addition, we offer a wide range of auxiliary services. From design and modelling, to heat treatment, assembly and surface treatment, we have you covered at every step, ensuring quick delivery dates and superior quality, for a turnkey product that will meet your exact requirements.

An integrated approach

Find out why our clients keep coming back

Design and Engineering

Start off strong. Optimized design is essential to ensure that aluminum castings will meet budget and quality requirements.

Custom Mold Production

Durable and complex. We design and manufacture permanent and semi-permanent molds, to meet your most specific needs.

Machining and Finishing

Precision finishing. Our extensive machining center is operated by skilled staff and work is carried out by hand or with robotic equipment.


Let's break it down...

Optimal Casting Material

We cast aluminum, for strong and lightweight results.

Ideal Weight Range

Our services are most cost-effective for casting parts in the 1 to 250 lbs range and more.

Preferred Production Rates

Permanent and semi-permanent casting is most affordable for runs of 500 to 250 000 units and more.


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At CIF Metal, our energy is directed
towards your complete satisfaction

A positive and collaborative relationship with our clients has been a great asset to our business for the past 35 years. Built from a solid foundation, you can trust in CIF Metal.