Aluminum Casting

At CIF Metal, we work with multiple tilt-pour-process casting machines, which yield quality aluminum parts with maximum density and casting integrity. Our wide range of equipment can produce:

Superior casting quality
  • High-powered induction furnaces melt and hold molten metal for better consistency
  • Molten metal is degassed for reduced porosity
Custom permanent and semi-permanent molds
  • Made of cast iron or steel
  • Technically complex designs
  • High-precision manufacturing
  • Mold dimensions of up to 60″ x 60″ and more
  • Mold opening along 6 axes and more
  • Optional shell and CO2 cores
    • For hollow and complex castings
  • Excellent casting repeatability

For large dimensions and other requirements, we have many design and tooling capabilities to produce the mold you need.

Fast turnover

Modular equipment setup allows units to be moved on and off the production line, accelerating the transition process from one job to another.

Competitive Pricing

Our aluminum casting methods are ideal for medium to large volumes of heavyweight production, in the range of

  • 500 to 20000 units
  • Weights of 20 to 250 lbs and more per casting

In these cases, permanent mold casting is the most cost-effective choice, when compared to die-casting and sand casting.


Why choose permanent mold casting, rather than sand or die casting? Advantages include:


Permanent castings allow for tighter tolerances than sand casting


Permanent castings provide a better initial finish than sand casting

Casting integrity

Permanent molds produce castings with little to no porosity


With the use of our engineering we can adapt any sand casting to permanent process. Permanent mold can cast bigger parts at lower volume and tooling cost than diecast.

Reduced costs

For parts weighing between 20 and 250 lbs and more as well as production totals in the range of 500 to 20 000 units and more, permanent and semi-permanent molds are the most affordable choice


Permanent castings benefit from heat treatment, producing better mechanical properties than what is generally possible with die casting

Hollow and complex sections

We cast integral inserts, sleeves and elements, etc. Sand cores can be used to make hollow sections, which is not possible in diecast.


We run on 100%

For green solutions at budget-friendly prices

Our affordable energy allows us to maintain competitive pricing. By using hydroelectricity, we are a zero-emissions foundry.
We can help you meet environmental standards such as ISO 14067 and more.

How can we help you?

As a one-stop-shop solution, we offer a wide range of in-house and subcontracted auxiliary services,
from design and modelling to heat treatment and surface treatment. We can cover all of your casting needs.

Optimal Casting Material

We cast aluminum, for strong and lightweight results.

Ideal Weight Range

Our services are most cost-effective for casting parts in the 10 to 250 lbs and more range.

Preferred Production Rates

Permanent and semi-permanent casting at CIF Metal is most cost-effective for runs of 500 to 20000 units and more.

If you are in the market for heavyweight, mid to large volume aluminum castings, look no further! You can count on our 30 years of experience in aluminium casting and mold manufacturing.

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