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CIF Metal is a foundry specializing in heavyweight, mid to large volume aluminum casting, using permanent and semi-permanent molds.

For 30 years, we have designed and manufactured our own molds, producing high-quality and cost-effective aluminum castings. We are a leading manufacturer in North America and our products are used in applications such as robotics, power transmission, HVAC systems, medical instruments, electrical installations and more.

To ensure quality and rapid delivery times, we offer a one-stop-shop solution. From design to finishing, including assembly, heat treatment, machining and much more, we provide all services required to get your aluminum casting out the door. Operating in one integrated facility, in which all our aluminum manufacturing processes take place, we have enhanced control and flexibility at every step of production, for a final product that is guaranteed to meet your specific requirements. Our overall aluminum foundry systems are ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

A positive and collaborative relationship with our clients has been a great asset to our business. Built from a solid foundation, you can trust in CIF Metal. Our team of skilled experts is available to help you develop your next aluminum product.

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Our Team

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Jean Marcoux
Jean-Philippe Rouleau
Head of sales
Dany Sheinck
Operations Manager
Pier-Ann Fecteau
Francis Roberge
Financial Manager
Patrick Bergeron
Engineering Manager
Anthony Grenier
Quality Manager
Yann Lemelin-Nault
Production Manager
Robin Bédard
Maintenance Manager
Michael Thivierge
Production Manager
Justin Perron
Project Manager
Jean-Philippe Rouleau
Head of sales
Isabelle Perron
Executive Assistant
Sandra Giguère
Customer Service
Mélanie Routhier
Customer Service
How can we help you?

As a one-stop-shop solution, we offer a wide range of in-house and subcontracted auxiliary services,
from design and modelling to heat treatment and surface treatment. We can cover all of your casting needs.

Optimal Casting Material

We cast aluminum, for strong and lightweight results.

Ideal Weight Range

Our services are most cost-effective for casting parts in the 10 to 250 lbs and more range.

Preferred Production Rates

Permanent and semi-permanent casting at CIF Metal is most cost-effective for runs of 500 to 20000 units and more.

If you are in the market for heavyweight, mid to large volume aluminum castings, look no further! You can count on our 30 years of experience in aluminium casting and mold manufacturing.

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